What We Want to Know

PREDICT 2 is a study run by a collaboration of ZOE, a commercial company, Massachusetts General Hospital and Stanford University that aims to measure and understand the unique metabolic responses to food (for example how blood sugar and fat levels change after we eat) in a group of 1,000 study participants.

Eligible Participants

  • Adults between the ages of 18 and 70 years old living in the continental USA.
  • Willing and able to consume the foods that are part of the study, which are vegetarian meals that include gluten and dairy, and in some cases are high fat or high sugar.
  • Willing and able to visit a Quest Diagnostics patient service center for a fasting blood test (i.e. without eating for 10 hours beforehand).
  • Able to have continuous access to your mobile phone and to wear the activity tracker on your arm for the duration of the study.

Study Design

The study involves:

  • A visit to your local Quest test center for blood tests
  • An 11-day study period to complete at home:
    • For 6 days, we will provide you with set meals for breakfast, and some lunches (vegetarian meals containing gluten and dairy)
    • You will wear sensors to monitor your blood sugar and activity levels, and do finger prick blood tests
    • You will log all your food using an app


A few months after you complete the study, you'll get:

  • Results from your tests (non-clinical)
  • Insights about the impact of specific foods on your unique metabolism

How to Participate

This study is now closed to enrollment.

If you have questions, contact the study team at