Nourish Guide to Asian Nutrition

Free lessons and recipes for you and your loved ones

Introducing Nourish's latest work: Nourish Guide to Asian Nutrition

This free e-book is a culmination of our team's efforts over the past year. In September 2021, our team set out to create a small collection of healthy recipes to share with our colleagues. However, once our work started coming together, we realized we could do so much more. 

Over time, our book has gone through countless iterations so we could give our API community a resource that is comprehensive, educational, carbohydrate-consistent, and fun. Yet, one thing has remained constant in our efforts: our stories. 

Each recipe in this book has been thoughtfully contributed by our team members. With every recipe, you will find a story that describes why the dish is meaningful to us. Ultimately, this is exactly what drives Nourish. We fully understand and uphold the phrase, "You are what you eat." 

Nourish wants to challenge the status quo and show our API community that our beloved, delicious foods are healthy. We can eat the food that brings us comfort and nourish our health and well-being.

From Nourish's Registered Dietitian: Lily Phan

Welcome to our cookbook. This piece of work before you is a culmination of years of reflection, expertise, and aspirations. For many of us at Nourish, we wanted for so long to create healthy, easy, and delicious recipes to help our families, friends, and communities. Our recipes are personally written from our favorite dishes, with tasteful modifications to keep blood glucose within a stable range. These dishes were made with love from our family tables and tested by Chef Irfan Dama. We hope that they, now too, can be a part of your family's precious meal times. Thank you for letting us be a part of your culinary experience.

Special Thanks

Thank you Chef Irfan Dama for meticulously testing all of our recipes in your kitchen. Without him, we would not have the clear, delicious, easy-to-follow recipes within our book. Chef Dama is also responsible for the beatiful imagery throughout the book. Truly, he has made our book come to life.

Thank you to all of our interns who have contributed their stories, writing talents, design skills, and more. Our book would not be what it is today without their efforts.

Thank you to Lily Phan for ensuring all of our recipes are diabetes-friendly, creating lessons that are fun and easy, and making sure we stay true to our mission. Lily has been involved with the creation of this cookbook since its inception. She took it from a novice project to a full-blown professional resource. 

Thank you to Dr. Minal Moharir for providing the guidance and leadership to make this book happen. She is the mastermind who brought this idea to Nourish and continually pushed the team to aim higher. Without her, our team would be lost. 

Thank you to the Stanford Health Care Marketing Department. Their team worked very hard to bring Nourish to the world. Visit Stanford Health Care's Food For Heart campaign to see how Nourish's recipes can also promote heart health.