About Nourish

Our Story

It all started with a walk and an idea. Dr. Minal Moharir and Dr. Latha Palaniappan thought up Nourish while walking around Stanford's campus. The rest is history.

Food is an integral part of the API identity. Yet, API individuals often feel the need to abandon their beloved cultural foods in order to improve their health. In the end, this often leads to unsustainable lifestyle changes and self-doubt. This phenomenon must end.

Nourish's mission is to create free, culturally tailored resources to educate API individuals about refined carbohydrates and exemplify traditional dishes that will help them reach their health goals. Unlike any other project of its kind, the Nourish team puts out culturally tailored resources for Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese individuals.

Nourish's approach to food is simple: reduce refined carbohydrates, promote balanced meals, and maintain the taste, texture, and familiarity of foods that API communities love.

Our focus is to connect with more chefs, organizations, visionaries in a wide range of industries, and — of course — members of our API communities. Together, we believe we can revolutionize the future of Asian health.


Meet the Team!



Minal Moharir, MD, leads Nourish with her passion for occupational health, illness prevention, and drive to help Asians live healthier and happier lives.