Disease Research Area 1 (Lymphedema)

Our group investigates the so-called 'third circulation', the lymphatics. We evaluate how inflammation contributes to lymphedema, a condition that affects hundreds of millions around the world. Working with our collaborator, Dr. Stanley Rockson, one of the leading clinical lymphedema experts in the world, we have helped develop the first medical therapies for this condition. Our lab also evaluates how lymphatic injury contributes to disease evolution in pulmonary hypertension and lung transplantation.

"As a lab focusing on vascular inflammation, we struck up a very fortunate collaboration with Dr. Stanley Rockson, an international authority treating lymphatic disorders. This happy accident led us to investigate lymphedema, a condition affecting hundreds of millions around the world. Lymphatic biology is also important in lung health and is an active area of research for our group"

- Mark Nicolls, MD.

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