• On Jan. 6, 1968, as Stanford surgeon Norman Shumway performed the first U.S. adult heart transplantation, the world held its breath.

  • Siblings get double-lung transplants

    David Diaz, 9, who has cystic fibrosis, received a pair of new lungs three years after his sister, who also has CF, underwent a double-lung transplantation.

  • Samuel Strober awarded $6.6 million

    The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine awarded Samuel Strober, MD, $6.6 million to study a “deceptively simple” way to help kidney transplant recipients tolerate their new organ.

  • Dietary approach to depleting stem cells

    A new study shows that a diet deficient in valine effectively depleted the blood stem cells in mice and made it possible to perform a blood stem cell transplantation on them.

  • Transplant procedure saves two patients

    Stanford Medicine surgeons performed an unusual transplantation in which one woman received a heart-lung transplant, while her existing heart was given to another patient.

  • 35 years ago: first successful heart-lung transplant

    The surgeon who led the team that performed the first successful heart-lung transplant 35 years ago discusses his recollections of the patient and the operation.

  • Novel therapy for heart-lung transplant candidate

    Listing Oswaldo Jimenez for a transplant was just the beginning. His doctors needed to perform what is referred to as a “bridge-to-transplant” solution, one that would sustain his organs until transplant could be done.

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