list : Mental Health

  • Award for promoting caregivers’ well-being

    Stanford Medicine is the only organization to receive the American Medical Association’s gold-level award every year it has been given.

  • Karl Deisseroth wins Lasker award

    Discoveries by Deisseroth and his two co-recipients regarding microbial light-activated molecules led to his development of a way to manipulate selected neurons in living animals to observe changes in their behavior.

  • Insulin resistance increases depression risk

    About 1 in 3 American adults has insulin resistance, a silent time bomb that doubles their risk for serious depression, Stanford scientists have learned.

  • Stanford physicians care for Olympians

    Sports medicine physicians Steve Isono and Michael Fredericson are spending a month in Tokyo, where they’re fixing breaks, sprains and scrapes.

  • Health Matters to explore medicine, wellness

    Stanford Medicine's free community event, which runs May 10-15, will include talks and Q&As that explore the latest advances in medicine, health and wellness.

  • Pandemic-linked burnout in pregnancy, neonatal care

    A June 2020 survey showed a sharp increase in burnout linked to the global pandemic among health care providers in maternal-fetal and neonatal medicine.

  • Jared Tinklenberg dies at 80

    The founder of the Stanford/Veterans Affairs Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Tinklenberg researched new medications for dementia while providing mentorship to many.

  • Faculty members honored by county supervisor

    Infectious disease expert Yvonne Maldonado and psychiatrist Steven Adelsheim were awarded service medals by Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian.

  • High-risk, high-reward grants for researchers

    Annelise Barron, Peter Kim, Siddhartha Jaiswal and Keren Haroush will receive grants totaling $10 million to fund their investigations. The awards support risky efforts that could potentially have a big impact in the biomedical sciences.

  • Huffington on self-care during pandemic

    Arianna Huffington, the founder of Thrive Global, spoke with School of Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor about self-care during the pandemic.