list : Preventive Medicine

  • Insulin resistance increases depression risk

    About 1 in 3 American adults has insulin resistance, a silent time bomb that doubles their risk for serious depression, Stanford scientists have learned.

  • When can you vaccinate your kids?

    Stanford pediatricians helped conduct clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines for children. Data from the study will be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for consideration.

  • Inflammatory-aging “clock” predicts health

    Scientists at Stanford and the Buck Institute have found a way to predict an individual’s immunological decline as well as the likelihood of incurring age-associated diseases and becoming frail.

  • Microbiome-altering diet reduces inflammation

    Stanford researchers discover that a 10-week diet high in fermented foods boosts microbiome diversity and improves immune responses.

  • COVID-19 vaccines prevent infection

    A Stanford study finds that the mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, offer strong protection against the California variant of the coronavirus.

  • COVID-19 symptoms and prior common colds

    In COVID-19 patients whose symptoms were mild, Stanford researchers found that they were more likely than sicker patients to have signs of prior infection by similar, less virulent coronaviruses.

  • Community investment increases in pandemic

    During its 2020 fiscal year, Stanford Health Care donated $861 million in funds and services, much of it to help patients, health care workers and nonprofit organizations address pandemic-related needs.

  • Cost of gun injuries to minors

    The average cost of initial hospitalization to treat pediatric gun injuries is about $13,000 per patient and has risen in recent decades, a Stanford Medicine study found.

  • Wide vaccine acceptance in California prisons

    Stanford researchers find that two-thirds of residents in the state’s prisons accepted a vaccine when offered, and many who initially said no later agreed to be vaccinated.

  • Stanford tests COVID vaccines in kids

    Stanford Medicine is a test site for Pfizer’s nationwide trial of a COVID-19 vaccine in children younger than 12.