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  • Potential autism biomarker found in babies

    Cerebrospinal fluid levels of a hormone called vasopressin were lower in babies who went on to develop autism than in those who did not, a study found.

  • Study: Hormone improves social skills in autism

    In a Stanford study of 30 children with autism, intranasal vasopressin improved social skills more than a placebo, suggesting that the hormone may treat core features of the disorder.

  • Low hormone level may be autism marker

    In the fluid around the brain, low levels of a hormone called vasopressin are linked to low social ability in monkeys and to autism in children, Stanford scientists have found.

  • ‘Love hormone’ key to sociability

    Oxytocin, a substance involved in nurturing, sexual and pair-bonding behaviors, has also been implicated in overall sociability. A new Stanford study in mice describes the brain circuitry that’s involved.

  • Brain activity predicts therapy efficacy

    Stanford researchers measured brain activity in PTSD patients before and after psychotherapy and found that they could predict how well patients would respond to treatment.

  • Which autistic kids does oxytocin help?

    The brain hormone may help treat social impairments in children with autism whose baseline oxytocin levels are low before treatment, according to new Stanford findings.

  • Social deficit in autism linked to hormone

    In children with autism, low levels of the hormone vasopressin predict a social deficit that affects their ability to empathize with others.

  • Blood and brain oxytocin levels linked

    Easy-to-measure oxytocin levels in blood are correlated to the hormone’s levels in cerebrospinal fluid, which circulates around the brain and in the spine, a new study shows. Low oxytocin is also linked to high anxiety.

  • Program links families to autism resources

    A free program offered by Stanford Children’s Health and the Children’s Health Council connects families of recently diagnosed autism patients with Bay Area treatment resources.

  • Low oxytocin levels not linked to all cases of autism

    Blood levels of oxytocin correlate with social performance regardless of whether children have autism, according to a new study.