Press Releases

  • Stanford Hospital among top 20 hospitals in U.S.

    Stanford Hospital has made U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals Honor Roll for the sixth time.

  • Stanford can begin pooled testing for COVID-19

    A Stanford Medicine test for the coronavirus has been validated for pooled testing. This method greatly increases testing capacity and conserves testing resources, which continue to be in short supply.

  • Sanjiv Sam Gambhir dies at 57

    The professor and chair of radiology at Stanford was a global leader in advancing techniques for molecular imaging and early cancer detection.

  • Early Polynesian, Native American contact

    Deep-genome analyses conducted by Stanford Medicine researchers and their collaborators have settled a long-brewing controversy about whether ancient Polynesians and Native Americans had contact.

  • Biochemist Dale Kaiser dies

    Using a virus as an experimental system, Kaiser made fundamental discoveries that were instrumental in ushering in the era of recombinant DNA technology, often known as gene splicing.

  • Subset of cells drive cancer growth

    Specialized cells at the leading edge of growing skin cancers dampen immune response and promote cancer invasion, Stanford researchers find. Targeting these cells could lead to effective therapies.

  • Sleep medicine pioneer William Dement dies at 91

    A founder of the field of sleep medicine, ardent campaigner against the dangers of drowsiness, and teacher of Stanford’s hugely popular Sleep and Dreams course, William Dement has died.

  • California preemies going home healthier

    More of the youngest and smallest California preemies are going home from the hospital without any major complications, a Stanford study has found.

  • Stanford Health Care nears 75,000 COVID-19 tests

    As one of the earliest providers of COVID-19 testing to the greater Bay Area, Stanford Health Care has conducted nearly 75,000 tests for the local community and continues to be a leading resource.

  • Self-swabbing tests for COVID-19 accurate

    People can be taught to do their own nasal swabs for accurate COVID-19 testing, limiting the exposure of health care workers and the use of protective equipment, according to Stanford researchers.

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