• Symposium tackles AI’s role in medicine

    Artificial intelligence experts discuss how to integrate trustworthy AI into health care, why multi-disciplinary collaboration is crucial and the potential for generative AI in research.

  • Sustainable Healthcare certification

    Stanford Health Care is among the first health care organizations in the nation to receive the certification, which celebrates its progress toward reducing emissions that contribute to climate change.

  • A.C. Matin dies at 83

    The microbiologist, on the faculty for nearly half a century, studied a wide range of topics, including antibiotic resistance, cancer, and bacteria as an agent for cleaning up toxic chemicals.

  • Wes Brown dies at 63

    Brown developed stem-cell therapies for patients who suffered infections after receiving blood or bone marrow transplants.

  • Register for RAISE Health symposium

    Register for the inaugural RAISE Health symposium, which will convene leaders in artificial intelligence for discussions on safe and responsible AI innovation.

  • Pump for kids’ failing hearts

    A new type of surgically implanted pump that can support a child’s failing heart has passed the first stage of human testing in a Stanford Medicine-led trial.

  • Cell-based therapy for solid tumors

    The FDA recently approved the first cell-based therapy — widely used in treating blood cancers — for solid tumors. Stanford Medicine treated the first patient with advanced melanoma.

  • Stanford Medicine magazine on psychiatry

    The new issue of Stanford Medicine magazine reports on emerging research and innovative treatments to improve mental health.

  • Biochemist Lubert Stryer dies at 86

    Stryer made fundamental discoveries in fluorescence spectroscopy and vision, established structural biology at Stanford, and uplifted young scientists.

  • Shedding light on exercise’s effects

    A Stanford Medicine-led effort to learn more about exercise’s molecular effects paints the broadest picture yet of why, in the health arena, sweat is king.

2024 ISSUE 1

Psychiatry’s new frontiers