• Disease genes not clustered

    In a provocative new perspective piece, Stanford researchers say that disease genes are spread uniformly across the genome, not clustered in specific molecular pathways, as has been thought.

  • Big advance in 3-D tissue imaging

    Stanford scientists have found a relatively simple, low-cost fix that substantially improves images obtained via a widely used optical scanning technique, opening the door to "virtual biopsies."…

  • Stanford launches health care trends report

    The inaugural issue of the report shows that big data will transform health care in the future but that more needs to be done to train doctors and patients in data management and analysis.

  • Augustus White advocates for health care equality

    The first African-American to graduate from the Stanford School of Medicine returned to help celebrate this year’s graduating class.

  • News staff wins top awards

    Writers and editors in the medical school’s news office were recognized for the quality of the magazine and the news releases they produced in 2016.

  • Ribosomes unexpectedly variable, powerful

    Ribosomes, which make proteins, are startlingly variable in their composition and associations. This variability confers on them the ability to regulate genes, confounding previous ideas, Stanford researchers say.

  • Surgeon Thomas Nelsen dies at 90

    Nelsen contributed to pioneering research in Hodgkin’s lymphoma that helped transform the fatal disease into a curable one.

  • Heart disease’s link to shingles explained

    People with coronary artery disease face an elevated risk for shingles because aberrant immune cells dial down the body’s immune response to viral pathogens, Stanford research shows.

  • Molecule aids muscle regeneration in mice

    Stanford researchers have found that a metabolite stimulates mouse muscle stem cells to proliferate after injury, and anti-inflammatory drugs, frequently taken after exercise, block its production and inhibit muscle repair.

  • Staff award winners announced

    The winners of the 2017 Spirit Award are Christine Hendricks and Ana Mezynski. Kim Walker and Mary Ayers received the 2017 Inspiring Change Leadership Award.

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