• $10.5M in grants for encyclopedia of DNA

    Stanford’s William Greenleaf, Michael Bassik, Michael Snyder, Jonathan Pritchard and Michael Cherry have won grants to work on the federally funded Encyclopedia of DNA Elements.

  • 1 cent ‘lab on a chip’

    Microfluidics, electronics and inkjet technology underlie a newly developed all-in-one biochip from Stanford that can analyze cells for research and clinical applications.

  • Circuitry of Parkinson’s revealed

    The new Stanford technique probes the neural pathways that cause these tremors, and also provides a way to map and troubleshoot other circuits in the brain.

  • Scientists awarded stem cell grants

    The grants to Stanford researchers target stem cell-based therapies for autoimmune disorders, liver disease and cystic fibrosis.

2023 ISSUE 3

Exploring ways AI is applied to health care