Faculty members appointed to endowed professorships

Steven Artandi, Linda Boxer, Anne Brunet, Thomas Clandinin, Leonore Herzenberg and Joseph Wu have been appointed to endowed professorships at the School of Medicine.

Steven Artandi

Six Stanford Medicine faculty members have been appointed to endowed professorships.

Steven Artandi, MD, PhD, professor of medicine and of biochemistry, was appointed the Jerome and Daisy Low Gilbert Professor, effective Dec. 8. His research focuses on the underlying causes of cancer and degenerative diseases, and new therapies to treat those conditions.

This professorship was established to support a faculty member who conducts basic science research that benefits humanity, with a focus on researchers using stem cells or regenerative medicine.

Linda Boxer

Linda Boxer, MD, PhD, vice dean of the School of Medicine, chief of hematology and professor of medicine, was appointed the Stanley McCormick Memorial Professor, effective Oct. 6. Her research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of oncogene deregulation.

This professorship is intended to encourage and support women who are studying medicine, teaching medicine or conducting medical research. It was established with assets from a bequest given in 1969 by the late Katharine McCormick to honor her husband, Stanley. 

Anne Brunet

Anne Brunet, PhD, professor of genetics, was appointed the Michele and Timothy Barakett Endowed Professor, effective Dec. 8. Her research focuses on the genetic mechanisms of aging and longevity.

This professorship was created by Michele and Timothy Barakett to support work on computational biology, inflammation, immunology and allergies, with a focus on improving child health. 

Thomas Clandinin

Thomas Clandinin, PhD, professor of neurobiology, was appointed the Shooter Family Professor, effective Dec. 8. His research focuses on the development and functioning of nerve-cell circuits.

This professorship was created to support a faculty member in the Stanford Neurosciences Institute. It was established in January 2014 with gifts from Eric and Elaine Shooter. Eric Shooter, PhD, is a professor emeritus of neurobiology.

Leonore Herzenberg

Leonore Herzenberg, D.Sc.-equivalent, was named the Department of Genetics Flow Cytometry Professor, effective April 14, 2015. Her research focuses on gene regulation in the immune system, development and function of B cells, and the development of automated software for analyzing research and clinical flow cytometry data collected with the fluorescence-activated cell sorter, or FACS.

This professorship was established to honor the contributions of the late Leonard Herzenberg, PhD, and his wife, Leonore, who developed the first FACS, an instrumental tool in immunology, stem cell research and proteomics. The funds came from a variety of sources, including friends and former students of the Herzenbergs. 

Joseph Wu

Joseph Wu, MD, PhD, director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and professor of medicine and of radiology, was appointed the Simon H. Stertzer, MD, Professor, effective Oct. 6. His research focuses on cardiovascular stem cell biology, genomics and imaging.

This professorship was created in 1998 to encourage innovation in interventional cardiology and develop treatments for vascular disease. It was established by Simon H. Stertzer, MD, professor emeritus of medicine. 

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