Spine Clinical Instructorship

VA Palo Alto and Stanford University Combined Neurosurgery Orthopedic Spine Clinical Instructorship

Number of Positions: 1


Suzanne Tharin, Ph.D, MD, Clinical Instructorship Director

Serena S. Hu, MD

Ivan Cheng, MD

Veterans Administration Health Care System

Department of Neurosurgery

3801 Miranda Avenue, MC 112

Palo Alto, CA 94304

Phone: (650) 852-3450; Fax: (650) 849-1265

Attention:  Hansni Prasad

Email: hansni.prasad@va.gov


This is a one year clinical instructor appointment at Veterans Administration Palo Alto Health Care System and Stanford University Medical Center open to both Orthopedic and Neurosurgery applicants. The clinical instructor will obtain a comprehensive experience in adult spinal problems with emphasis on diagnostic techniques as well as surgical and non-surgical treatment. Optional experience in stereotactic radiosurgery to spine tumors is also available. Research is required for completion; there are opportunities for clinical and basic science research.

Upon completion the clinical instructor will be experienced in the multidisciplinary and surgical treatment approach to spinal problems. Clinical instructors will be trained in anterior approaches to the spine and minimally-invasive techniques, as well as traditional methods of fusion.

The clinical instructor will be involved in teaching residents. An unrestricted California medical licensure is required.