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Honoring Black History Month

February 15, 2022

Black History Month 2023

Historically, Black/African Americans have been vastly underrepresented in surgical fields. In 2020, World Neurosurgery published an article showing that less than 4% of all neurosurgeons in the United States are Black/African American, and 0.6% are African American and female. At Stanford Neurosurgery, we are proud of how we've come but understand there is more work and growth required to overcome systemic inequities.

This month, we honor the following faculty and residents in our department who identify as Black/African American. Thank you for all you do in providing your patients with compassionate care and driving the field of neurosurgery forward. 


Tene Cage, MD

David Dadey, MD, PhD 

Robert Dodd, MD, PhD

Odette Harris, MD, MPH

Bina Kakusa, MD 

Rukayat Taiwo, MD 

Debebe Theodros, MD, PhD 

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