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Dr. Steinberg received 2022 Cloward Award at Western Neurosurgical Society Annual Meeting

October 3, 2022

Congratulations to Gary Steinberg, MD, PhD, on receiving the 2022 Cloward Award  for Epochal Innovation and Pioneering Application at the Western Neurosurgical Society 68th Annual Meeting. Dr. Steinberg was recognized for his work in pioneering restorative neurosurgery and advancing our understanding and treatment of cerebrovascular disease. 

Ralph Bingham Cloward was a member of the Western Neurosurgical Society for 40 years and served as its President in 1975.  To say he and his wife Flossie were fond of the Western would be gross understatement.  After his death in 2000 (in which Flossie preceded him), a number of Society members were desirous of creating an award in his name which would include a medal akin to the Cushing medallion awarded by the AANS.  It was felt that Ralph’s innovative talents and pioneering efforts to establish anterior cervical and posterior lumbar interbody fusion plus the numerous instruments he devised was just cause to honor him in perpetuity by bestowing an award upon neurosurgeons from around the world who also exemplified such capacity for epochal innovation and pioneering application.  In 2002, the Society established the award with the gracious assistance of the surviving Cloward family.

The Steinberg Lab investigates the pathophysiology of cerebral ischemia, develops neuroprotective agents, and employs novel approaches such as stem cell transplantation and optogenetic stimulation to enhance post-stroke functional recovery. Their clinical research investigates innovative surgical, endovascular and radiosurgical approaches for treating patients with difficult intracranial aneurysms, complex vascular malformations and occlusive cerebrovascular disease, including Moyamoya.