Drs. Monje, Thomas, and Lim awarded U19 grant

March 1, 2022

Congratulations to Stanford Brain Tumor Center's Michelle Monje, MD, PhD; Michael Lim, MD; and Reena Thomas, MD, PhD, for their successful U19 grant award from the NIH.  In a collaborative effort with the Harvard brain tumor program, this grant will allow for the evaluation of multiple novel therapeutics for patients afflicted by glioblastoma brain tumors. The correlative studies proposed will also advance precision medicine and our scientific understanding of the disease to ultimately improve treatment of adult glioblastoma brain tumors. 

This grant also means that Stanford has become a member of the prestigious new National Cancer Institute “Glioblastoma Therapeutic Network”, a national clinical trial consortium for adult brain tumors that will increase the cutting edge clinical trial options for Stanford patients.

Stanford Brain Tumor Center combines multidisciplinary clinical care and a strong research program in an effort to facilitate rapid transfer of basic scientific findings into clinical protocols for patients with tumors of the brain, skull base and spine.