Stanford at CNS 2022

Faculty, Clinical Instructor, Resident and Medical Student Presentations

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Saturday, October 8

Melanie Hayden 8:05 -8:25 am
Radiosurgical management of benign tumors
SYM05A: Brain Tumor Update-Management of Benign Brain Tumors
Room 2005

John Adler 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
SYM08A: Neurosurgeons as Entrepreneurs
Room 2009

Michael Lim 12:45 -4:15 pm 
SYM05B: Brain Tumor Update-Management of Malignant Brain Tumors
Room 2005

Sunday, October 9

Anand Veeravagu, John Ratliff 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
2022 Coding and CPT Update
Room 3002

Juan Fernandez-Miranda 12:45 - 4:15 pm
SYM14B: 3D Surgical Neuroanatomy
Room 2004 and Room 2006

Corinna Zygourakis 12:45 PM - 4:15 PM 
Symposium: Introduction to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery|
Room 2005

Monday, October 10

Vivek Buch 7:00-7:10 am
SS01-Surgeon-Machine Interfacing driving the Next Generation of Intraoperative Care
Room 2016

Vaibhavi Shah and Ghani Haider 7:06-7:12 AM
Intra-operative robotic planning software is accurate at predicting post-operative lumbar lordosis after anterior column reconstruction
Room 3022

Ben Sherman 3:57-4:03 PM
Utilizing a 32-Channel System for Treatment of Complex Movement Disorders: Initial Case Series
Room 3022

Maria Isabel Barros Guinle 3:57-4:03 pm
Pediatric Epilepsy Outcomes after Laser Ablation: An Institutional Cohort Analysis
Room 3018

Award Photos 4:15 pm-5:00pm
Adela Wu - CNS Foundation DEI Abstract Award
Vivek Buch - Young Neurosurgeon Award for Functional/Restorative Neurosurgery
2022 Overlook, Moscone West Convention Center

Nicolai Maldaner 4:11-4:17 PM
Objective Functional Outcome Measures Expose Relevant Ceiling Effects Inherent to Subjective Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Patient Undergoing Surgery for Lumbar Degenerative Disorders
Room 2014

Corinna Zygourakis (moderator) 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM 
Dinner Seminar: DIN2: Enabling Technologies in Spine Surgery: Fad or Future?  

Tuesday, October 11

John Choi 7:06-7:12 am
CD39 T cells with low PD-1 expression are markers for durable immunotherapy response
Room 3014

Ghani Haider 7:36-7:42 AM
Accurate Localization of Back Pain by Radiomic Assessment of Sigma-1 Receptor Expression
Room 3024

Adrian Rodrigues 8:06 AM - 8:12 AM
Robust model of microglia replacement with circulation-derived microglia-like cells (CDMCs) in CNS malignancies
Room 3014

Gabriela (Gaby) Ruiz Colón 8:12 AM - 8:18 AM
A Protocol for Reducing Intensive Care Utilization After Craniotomy: A Three-Year Assessment
Room 3020

David Purger  8:12 AM - 8:18 AM
Booting Up the Brain: Intracranial Electroencephalography Reveals Cognitive Network Dynamics During Anesthesia Emergence
Room 3024

John Ratliff 8:45-8:50 AM
Washington Committee Update

Natalie Limoges 1:45-2:45pm
Voices of Neurosurgery
CNS Xperience Lounge

Gary Steinberg 2:45 PM - 2:55 PM
Stem Cells in Stroke Treatment
Room 3016

Odette Harris  4:15-5:45 pm
My Worst Complication in Neurosurgery for Trauma
Room 3020

Laura Prolo (moderator) 4:15-5:45 pm
My Worst Complication in Pediatric Neurosurgery
Room 3018

Ciara Harraher, John Ratliff 4:15-5:45
Financial Planning for Neurosurgeons
Room 3024

Arokoruba Cheetham-West  5:45-715
Examining Trends in the Neurosurgical Intervention for Preterm Infants with Severe Intraventricular Hemorrhage in California
2nd Floor Lobby

David Dadey, Ghani Haider 06:00-06:03 PM.
Loss to follow-up for radiation treatment after resection of metastatic brain tumors: analysis of a non-irradiated cohort from a private insurance database
Level 2 Lobby

Lily Kim 6:03-6:06 pm
A Matched-Pair Analysis of Patients with Ischemic Strokes Undergoing Thrombectomy Using the BOBBY Balloon Guide Catheter
Level 2 Lobby

Danny Huang 6:51-6:54 pm
Multiple Computations of Reward-Based Learning are Differentially Encoded in the Human Limbic Network
Level 2 Lobby

Adela Wu 7:03-7:06 pm
Disparities in Supportive Care Utilization among Neurosurgical Patients with Malignant Central Nervous System Tumors
Level 2 Lobby

Maria Isabel Barros Guinle 7:03-7:06 pm
Getting What You Pay For: Impact of Copayments on Physical Therapy Initiation, Timing, and Continuation for Acute-Onset Low Back Pain
Level 2 Lobby

Wednesday, October 12

Anjali Datta 7:06 AM - 7:12 AM
Patient-Specific Targeting Method for Improved Quality-of-Life Outcomes from MRgFUS Treatment of Essential Tremor
Room 3016

David Purger  7:24 AM - 7:30 AM
504: Safety and Efficacy of Brain-Responsive Neurostimulation Treatment with Depth Leads Placed in the Neocortex
Room 3016

Vivek Buch 8:00-8:06 am
Prospective, Multicenter, International Outcomes Study of Deep Brain Stimulation for Essential Tremor
Room 3016

Silvia Vaca 8:18-8:24 am
Short segment fixation for chance fractures. Late Breaking Abstract Session
Room 2014

Anand Veeravagu 8:53-8:56 AM
Announcement for Innovator of the Year

Ciara Harraher, John Ratliff 12:15-1:45 PM
W22-Telemedicine in Neurosurgery -- The Future Beyond COVID
Room 2000