Pituitary Clinical Center

Staffed by Stanford neurosurgeons and neuroendocrinologists who are specialists in pituitary diseases, this clinic is designed to provide comprehensive, streamlined care for patients with pituitary abnormalities, including pituitary tumors and pituitary hormone problems.

Services Offered

  • Treatment of functional tumors:
  • Treatment of nonfunctional lesions:
    • adenomas
    • craniopharyngiomas
    • meningiomas
    • gliomas
    • chordomas
    • Rathke cleft cysts
  • Treatment of pituitary hormone deficiencies affecting:
  • Patients will be thoroughly evaluated for pituitary hormone abnormalities by a pituitary diseases expert (neuroendocrinologist).
  • When appropriate, patients will be evaluated by a neurosurgeon expert in pituitary tumor surgery utilizing state of the art endoscopic surgery and interoperative computerized guidance.
  • On the same clinic day, patients may also be evaluated by:
  • Other specialties, including Interventional Neuroradiology, Radiation-Oncology and Neuropathology, are readily accessible when necessary to participate in diagnosis and treatment plan.