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Welcome to the Stanford Global Health Neurosurgery Initiative. It's important to us to share our knowledge and expertise in areas where neurosurgeons are few and where access to neurosurgical treatment is lacking. Our programs allow our medical students, nurses, residents, and surgeons to travel to different parts of the world several times each year, to provide clinical care, and to conduct research. According to the latest numbers available from the World Health Organization, as of 2004, there are approximately 33,000 neurosurgeons in 103 countires. However, the distribution of neurosurgeons is entirely unbalanced, with the majority residing in North America and Europe. This means many people around the world still do not have access to even the most basic neurological therapies and surgeries. If you're interested in contributing your knowledge and expertise to help alleviate this problem, please consider participating in our Programs.  

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Pediatric Neurosurgery Team Collaborates with Uganda’s Neurosurgical Residency Program

During a recent medical team trip to Uganda Stanford neurosurgeons, nurses, operating room technicians, residents, and medical students spent a week volunteering at the Mbarara Hospital, working side-by-side with Ugandan doctors.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live: Stanford Neurosurgeons Working in Uganda - Live from the Operating Room Parts 1 & 2
October 2018

Facebook Live: Stanford Neurosurgeons Working in Uganda
October 2017