AANS 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting

Every year, many of our faculty and residents attend the Annual American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Conference. We present our latest findings and learn from other neurosurgeons around the country and the world about the latest advances in neurological surgery. This year, the Annual Meeting is held in New Orleans. Below is a listing of our faculty and resident presentations. 

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Faculty and Resident Presentations


  • Dr. Gerald Grant: International Symposium - Pediatric Neurosurgery
  • Dr. Suzanne Tharin: Spine Management in an Aging Population


  • Dr. Gerlad Grant: Neuromodulatory Surgeries for Epilepsy and Beyond; and Brain Mapping and Awake Brain Mapping Techniques
  • Dr. Casey Halpern: Deep Brain Stimulation Update and New Directions; and Neuromodulatory Surgeries for Epilepsy and Beyond
  • Dr. John Ratliff: SNS Resident Training Course; and Coding Concepts by Case Example
  • Dr. Thomas J. Wilson: Peripheral Nerve Disease; and Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Entrapments and Tumors


  • Dr. Gary K. Steinberg: Scientific Session V - Cerebrovascular
  • Dr. Gerald Grant: Pediatric Neurosurgery for General Neurosurgeons
  • Dr. John Adler: AANS Cushing Award for Technical Excellence and Innovation in Neurosurgery
  • Dr. Derek Yecies: ASL Perfusion Imaging of the Frontal Lobes Predicts Occurance and Resolution of Posterior Fossa Syndrome
  • Dr. Allen Ho: Robot-Guided Stereotaxy for Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery



  • Dr. Gary K. Steinberg: Breakfast Seminar - Cavernous Malformation: Current Controversies in Management
  • Dr. Thomas J. Wilson: Distal Peroneal Nerve Decompression after Sciatic Nerve Injury



  • Dr. Gary K. Steinberg: Breakfast Seminar - Stem Cell Therapeutics in Neurosurgery
  • Dr. Gerald Grant: Plenary Session III
  • Dr. Jennifer Quon: Optic Nerve Diffusion Tensor Abnormality in Children with Acute Hydrocephalus


E-Poster Presentations:

Dr. Yi-Ren Chen: 

Incidence of C5 Palsy after Posterior Cervical Procedures

Mininmally Invasive Lumbar Pedicle Screw Fixation using Cortical Bone Trajectory

Patient Satisfaction and Press Ganey Scores for Spine versus Non-spine Neurosurgery Clinics

Dr. Michael Zhang:

Implications of Long-term Pseudarthrosis Rates in Oncologic Spinal Patients

Dr. Eric Sussman:

Contralateral Acute ICA Occlusion Following Revascularization for Moyamoya