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Software Turns ‘Mental Handwriting’ Into On-Screen Words, Sentences

Stanford researchers, led by Dr. Jaimie Henderson, have coupled artificial-intelligence software with a brain-computer interface device implanted in the brain of a man with full-body paralysis; quickly converting the man's thoughts about handwriting into text on a computer screen.

MicroMESH: A microscopic Polymeric Network to Attack Glioblastoma Multiforme

A recent collaboration between Stanford neurosurgeon Dr. Gerald Grant and the Italian Institute of Technology has found a biodegradable polymeric net could serve as effective therapeutic alternative in the fight against glioblastoma.

Stanford Patient Recounts Journey Back From Massive Brain Bleed

Ten years after a Stanford patient suffered a massive stroke and underwent two brain surgeries by moyamoya expert Dr. Gary Steinberg, she's publishing a book of poems written by moyamoya warriors like her.
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Treating Brain Tumors PodCast

Dr. Michael Lim discusses treatment approaches for brain tumors, and why he went into medicine, on this podcast hosted by STEM Pod Leaders.

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Capitalizing on Collaboration in Neurology Care

Ultrasound Therapy for Essential Tremor