The Harris Neuroscience Internship

The Harris Neuroscience Internship provides funding for 6-8 weeks each summer to support a high school student (rising grade 10-12, must be 16 years old at beginning of internship) in completing scholarly activities in Neuroscience and Neurosurgery focused on topics related to gender and/or health care disparities in the neurosciences.

In addition to the scholarly project interns are expected to:

 - Attend a weekly Rehabilitation Research Meeting focused on theory and methods in medical education and research under the supervision of the Deputy Chief of Staff/Director of Brain Injury and Defense and Veteran Brain Injury Center Senior Scientist.

- Participate in at least one activity/project of their choice during the fellowhship year that promotes increased engagement with girls and/or under-represented minorities.

The program will provide $1000 support to each selected intern as well as administrative and project support through the Department of Neurosurgery. 

Application Requirements

Interested applicants must submit the following materials for consideration to

- A Cover Letter that includes:
1. Name of Applicant
    2. Grade in the upcoming Fall of the School Year
3. Name of School
    4. Contact Information
    5. Letter of recommendation from a Math and/or Science Teacher (Teachers may email letters directly to:
    6. Completed parent/legal guardian approval form.

- A response to the following prompt
(500 Word Limit):
Question: As you look at the world, what would you want to change and how would science play a part?

Selected interns will be asked to undergo all hospital and University required clearances outlined in the following checklist and form:

About Dr. Odette Harris

The Harris Neuroscience Internship was founded by Stanford Professor of Neurosurgery, Dr. Odette Harris in 2019 as part of a greater effort to introduce girls and under-represented minorities to careers in neuroscience and neurosurgery. Dr. Harris specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI), and conducts TBI research with a focus on epidemiology and outcomes. In addition to her work as Director of Stanford's Brain Injury Program, she is also Deputy Chief of Staff, Rehabilitation at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System.