Rachelle Dugue, MD, PhD


  • Residency: Columbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital 
  • Medical School: SUNY Downstate Medical Center (MD, PhD)
  • Undergraduate: Barnard College, Columbia University (BA, cum laude in Neuroscience and Behavior)


  • Hoang H.E, Robinson-Papp J, Mu L, Thakur K.T, Gofshteyn J.S, Kim C, Ssonko V, Dugue R et al. Determining an infectious or autoimmune etiology in encephalitis. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology 2022 Jun 17.
    doi: 10.1002/acn3.51608.
  • Dugue R., Schnall R., Liu M., Brickman AM., Pavol M., Porra T., Gutierrez J. Uncontrolled HIV and inflammation is associated with intracranial saccular aneurysm presence. AIDS 2022 Jun 1;36(7):991-996
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Abstracts & Conference Presentations

  • Boruah A., Dugue R., Harrigan E., Kim C., Thakur KT. Time to confirmed neuro-infection diagnoses: characterization of  current trends and implications for diagnostic testing approaches AAN 2022 Oral Presentation 
  • Boruah A., Kroopnick A., Kim C., Thakkar R., Wapniarski A., Dugue R. et al.  Application of Vircapseq-Vert and Baccapseq in the diagnosis of suspected neuroinfectious disease AAN 2022 
  • Dugue R., Willey J.Z., Miller E.C., Kronish I.M., Chang B.P. When a global crisis closes your clinic: A telemedicine approach for transient ischemic stroke and minor stroke care during the COVID-19 pandemic.  ISC 2021 
  • Harris J., Boehme A., Chan L., Moats H., Dugue R., Izeogu C., Pavol M.A., Williams O., Marshall R.S. Allostatic load predicts racial disparities in post intracerebral hemorrhage cognitive outcomes.  AAN Annual Meeting, April 2021 
  • Hoang H.E., Robinson-Papp J., Mu L, Thakur K.T., Dugue R., Harrigan E., et al. Utilization of routine biomarkers for prediction of an infectious or autoimmune etiology in encephalitis. AAN Annual Meeting, April 2021 
  • Tiao J, Bruce S., Argenziano M., Tom S., Dugue R., Zambrano D., et al. The relationship amongst race, ethnicity, and outcomes in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage, AANS 2021 #2408  
  • Dugue R., Zanca R., Stewart W., Serrano P., Michelson H., Goodman J., Ling D.S.F TBI-induced changes in molecular mediators of synaptic excitation and inhibition in rat neocortex . Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference, Brain Injury: Cellular Mechanisms, Nov 2017 Washington, D.C.   
  • Dugue R., Hassen G.W., Serrano P., Michelson H., Shulman A., Goodman J., Ling D.S.F The effect of the novel blood-brain barrier permeable calpain inhibitor Ala-1.0 in a rat model of traumatic brain injury. AAN Annual Meeting, April 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada 
  • Dugue R., Serrano P., Shulman A., Goodman J., Hassen G.W, Ling D.S.F., Michelson H. The effect of the novel calpain inhibitor Ala-1.0 on severe traumatic brain injury.  Keystone Symposia, Traumatic Brain Injury: Clinical, Pathological, and Translational Mechanisms. Santa Fe, NM Jan. 2016 
  •  Dugue R., Braren S., Hassen G.W., Serrano P., Michelson H., Shulman A., Goodman J., Ling D.S.F. The effect of the novel calpain inhibitor Ala-1.0 on traumatic brain injury. Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference Oct. 2015 Chicago, IL.  Nanosymposium oral presentation- Traumatic Brain Injury: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms.                 
  • Dugue R., Ling D.S.F. 2015. The effect of Ala-1.0 on traumatic brain injury. SUNY Downstate Annual Research Day 2015, Brooklyn, NY 
  • Dugue R., Diallo A., Ling D.S.F. 2014. Parvalbumin-expressing GABAergic interneurons in traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic epilepsy. SUNY Downstate Annual Research Day 2014, Brooklyn, NY 

Awards and Honors:

  • 2022: Department of Neurology Medical Student Teaching Award, Columbia University, New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • 2022: Daniel Sciarra Patient Care and Leadership Award, Columbia University, New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • 2021: Gold Foundation Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award,Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons 
  • 2018: Commencement Graduate Speaker, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
  • 2017: SCORE Program, Stanford School of Medicine  
  • 2017: AAN Visiting Elective Scholarship Recipient 
  • 2017: Physicians Medical Forum Visiting Elective Scholarship Program, UCSF 
  • 2016: AAN Minority Scholars Program Recipient 
  • 2015: Keystone Symposia Trainee Scholarship, Traumatic Brain Injury Meeting 2016 
  • 2015: Graduate Student Employee Union, Professional Development Award 
  • 2015: Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research Award 
  • 2015: John Conley Scholar in Clinical and Translational Research Ethics