Our nervous system is what makes us human. It allows us to communicate, to hope, to dream, to listen to and enjoy music, to dance, and to love. It is necessary for anyone to be able to perceive and interact with the world around them and for one’s consciousness within. We want students to get excited about Neurology because understanding and treating neurologic disease can restore a patient’s humanity and reduce patient suffering. Join the neurology family with longitudinal mentorship and education, and exposure to clinical, research, and advocacy experiences in neurology. The NeuroREALM (Research, Education, Advocacy, Leadership, Mentorship) program is here for you!

The NeuroREALM program includes the opportunity for medical students to engage in neurological research. Shortly we will add a list of Neurology faculty along with a few details about their research areas; they are interested in mentoring medical students in research and advising them on a clinical research career in neurology. The topic and scope of such research would be up to you, the student, and practical considerations. The research study could be small, large, an ongoing project, and could lead to a MedScholars Fellowship application. Faculty interaction with the students could also just be to advise them on careers and research in Neurology.