Stanford Neurology Junior Faculty Mentorship Program

The purpose of the Stanford Neurology Junior Faculty Mentoring program is to enrich the academic environment and promote success of early career faculty in the Department of Neurology.

Every Instructor and Assistant Professor including Affiliate faculty has to have a mentor who is an Associate or Full Professor. This program does not apply to residents or fellows.

Junior faculty choose their mentor(s). Primary mentor should be within Stanford, but not necessarily from Neurology. The Division Chief of the junior faculty person cannot be their primary mentor but can be a co-mentor. Additional mentors (Stanford or outside) are appropriate when needed to provide the mentee expertise in other areas not covered by their primary mentor.


Mentoring junior colleagues to a successful faculty career in academic medicine is not only critical for the careers of the junior faculty and maximizes develop of the department, but is required by university policy. Mentors act as role models, challenge mentees to stretch their capabilities, sponsor mentees by opening opportunities, facilitating professional exposure, protect the mentee, respect for the mentee’s goals and interests, demonstrate concern for the well-being of their mentees, give feedback and advise on career progress, and counsel their mentee in how to deal with difficult dilemmas (e.g., work life integration, administrative mishaps, and difficult decisions).