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Reasons for memory loss:

Causes of Memory Loss in Elderly Persons

Older patients who have difficulties with memory may have Alzheimer disease, or they may have another condition with similar symptoms.

Impact of sleep:

Sleep and Memory: How They Work Together

New research indicates a poor night’s sleep negatively impacts brain function.

Improving your memory:

Tips for a Better Memory

All of us have problems recalling a stray fact or name at times, but some of us are so disorganized and forgetful that our brains sometimes seem more like a sieve.

Does brain training work:

Does ‘Brain Training’ Actually Work?

An online citizen science project is recruiting 30,000 volunteers to assess whether exercises to improve memory and attention are valid—and if so, for whom.

Depression and memory loss:

Cognitive Impairment in Depression

Do cognitive deficits improve when depressive symptoms improve?