In Memoriam

Orhan Bican, M.D. (1983-2020)

It is with tremendous sadness that we share news regarding the tragic loss of one of our treasured Stanford alumni, Dr. Orhan Bican. Dr. Bican, who completed his IOM fellowship at Stanford from 2015 to 2016, passed away on May 13, 2020.

Orhan was one of our brightest fellows, colleagues, and friends at Stanford.  Following his graduation, he continued a very successful academic career as a Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist at the University of Utah, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm of intraoperative monitoring with colleagues and developing novel approaches to patient care in the OR.  

We were so very blessed by his presence, and are thankful for having had the privilege of working with and learning from Orhan.  We remember Orhan and pay tribute to him for his greatly admired intelligence, outstanding work ethic, dedication to patients and to his loving family, and most kind and generous heart and bright spirit.  We will keep these cherished memories close in our hearts. 

All of us in the Intraoperative Monitoring and Clinical Neurophysiology Division at Stanford extend our deepest condolences to Dr. Bican’s parents Ferruh and Naciye, sister Yesim, son Cihan, as well as all family, friends, and colleagues who are so fortunate to have known him.   

Leslie Lee, MD
On behalf of the Stanford IOM Team