Stanford Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Symposium

The fourth annual Stanford Resident/Fellow Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Symposium was held on May 14, 2018. Stanford neurology residents and fellows were involved in 20 of the 75 projects, more than any other department. Neurology was recognized for this achievement with the "Top Departmental Submission" award. The Neurology Resident Quality Improvement Curriculum and a project focusing on oral chemotherapy safety were among the Top 10 Posters.

Improving Oral Chemotherapy Safety in Adult Neuro-Oncology
Tresa McGranahan MD PhD ; Megan Gershon, RN; Justine Pena, RN, MSN; Chamnjot Bains, RN; Seema Nagpal, MD

A Quality Improvement Curriculum for Neurology Residents - 18-Month Posttest Update
Alexander Frolov, MD, Nina Bozinov, MD, Rebecca Miller-Kuhlmann, MD,  Lironn Kraler, MD, Carl Gold, MD, MS, Kathryn Kvam, MD

A Wellness and Mentoring Program for Neurology Trainees and Faculty
Amanda Sandoval Karamian, MD; Nicholas Murray, MD; Nina Bozinov, MD; Tresa McGranahan, MD; Maryam Sarah Hamidi, PhD; Shefali Dujari, MD; Rebecca Miller-Kuhlmann, MD

Effectiveness of In-person and Internet-based Interventions for Caregivers of Patients with Dementia
Shefali Dujari, MD; Jennie Clark, MA; Truman Cowles, BSN, RN; Sarah Phoenix, MSW; Christina Wyss-Coray, RN; Pauline Marchon, RN; Lu Tian, ScD, MS; Sharon J. Sha, MD, MS

Ensuring Appropriate Delivery of Artificial Nutrition in Stroke Patients with Dysphagia
Hilary H. Wang, MD, MBA; Emily Latmier, RN, BSN, CEN, MS(c); Eric Bernier, MSN, RN; Carl A. Gold, MD, MS

Evaluation of Human Botulism Immune Globulin Intravenous (BIG-IV) utilization for the treatment of infant botulism
Joshua Robinson, PharmD; Qian-Zhou (JoJo) Yang, MD; Jeffrey Moss, PharmD; Hayden Schwenk, MD, MPH

Expanding Access to MRI for Patients with Cardiac Rhythm Devices Presenting with Acute Neurological Conditions
Collin J. Culbertson, MD; Carl A. Gold, MD, MS

Impact of smart-phone messaging on inpatient resident-nursing communication
Sammita Satyanarayan, MD; Kathryn Kvam, MD; Cliff Schmiesing, MD; Christopher Sharp, MD; Yaron Simler; Angel Shaw; Elisa Nguyen, RN

Implementation and Performance of Targeted Temperature Management for Cardiac Arrest Patients
Kassi Kronfeld, MD; Chitra Venkatasubramanian, MD; Liz Kim, MSN, AG-ACNP-BC, ACNS-BC, CCRN, FAHA; Anna Finley-Caulfield, MD

Improving neurologists adherence to guidelines on prevention of complications of systemic oral corticosteroid therapy
Verena C. Samara, MD; Srikanth Muppidi, MD

Increasing access to annual influenza vaccination for pediatric neuromuscular patients at Stanford Children's Health
Jenna Klotz, MD; Crystal Bailey ; Melissa Cowart; Jessica Guzman, RN ; Samantha Rogers, RN ; Carolina Tesi Rocha, MD

Integrative Medicine in Child Neurology: what do providers think and what do they want to learn?
Amanda G Sandoval Karamian, MD; Ann Ming Yeh, MD; Courtney J Wusthoff, MD

"More than just code status": Neurology Resident Experiences with Goals of Care Communication
Tarini Goyal, MD, Brittany N. Hasty, MD, Sylvia Bereknyei Merrell, DrPH, Carl A. Gold, MD, MS

Neurology Resident Education With Acute Stroke Simulation Improves Code Readiness
Catherine Legault, MD, FRCPC; Nirali Vora, MD

Non-adherence to World Health Organization Guidelines is Common in Prion Safety Precautions Among Top Neurological Institutions
Katherine Werbaneth, MD; Praveen Tummalapalli;  Lironn Kraler, MD; Carl Gold, MD MS

Optimizing Communication Between Pediatric Residents and Fellows During Inpatient Consultation Requests
Sara Pavitt, MD; Hannah Bassett, MD; Kevin Chi, MD; Rachel Goldstein, MD; Kim Hoang, MD; Elizabeth Lippner, MD; Anne McHugh, MD; Kiran Mudambi, MD; Katelyn Saarela, MD; Nivedita Srinivas, MD

Quality improvement in the novel "Stroke Code Extended" protocol using gap analysis of delayed door-to-CT image to effectively treat acute stroke patients up to 24 hours
Shefali Dujari, MD; Catherine Legault, MD; Eric Bernier, MSN, RN; Nikita Joshi, MD; Sam H Shen, MD, MBA; Alexei M Wagner, MD, MBA; Patrice Callagy, RN; Greg Albers, MD; Nirali Vora, MD

Quantifying and addressing workplace violence in the neurology outpatient setting
Hilary H. Wang, MD, MBA; Jacqueline Keeling, RN; Michele Blazek; Laurice T. Yang, MD, MHA

Resident Safety Council: Culture of Safety Project
Kathleen Kan, MD; Vanessa Kennedy; Nina Bozinov; Erna Forgo; Steven Chinn, DPS MS MBA

Use of EMR templates reduces medical errors in patients with infantile spasms
Jonathan D. Santoro, MD; Amanda Sandoval, MD; Maura Ruzhnikov, MD; Elise Brimble, MSc, MS; Whitney Chadwick, MD; Courtney J. Wusthoff, MD