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All students are automatically subscribed to "neurostudents" and the listserv of their cohort.

If you post to a listserv of which you are a member using your Stanford email address the message will go through without moderation. If you use gmail and/or are posting to another class list your message will have to be approved. Listservs are moderated by program staff. 

  • All students in the Neurosciences IDP:
  • First Years in 2021-22:
  • Second Years in 2021-22:
  • Third Years in 2021-22:
  • Fourth Years in 2021-22:
  • Fifth Years in 2021-22: 
  • Sixth Years in 2021-22:
  • Fifth Years and Above in 2021-22:
  • MSTP Neuro Students:
  • Neurosciences Faculty:
  • Neuro-affiliated Postdocs:


Other Listservs

Stanford Neurosciences Institute (SNI)
Connect with the larger Stanford neurosciences community through SNI announcements, seminars, and events.

Stanford Biosciences Student Association
SBSA creates opportunities for students to connect and excel while providing the social network necessary for a well-connected and interdisciplinary research program.

Student Leaders 2021-22

  • Admissions: Tamara Chan, Garam Kim, and Allison Morningstar 
  • Communications: Ellen Gingrich and Massimo Onesto 
  • Mentorship: Austin Kuo and Beatriz Robinson 
  • Retreat: Chung-ha Davis and Josh Head 
  • Social: Raymond McKoy and Emma Theisen 
  • Student Speaker: Karen Bradshaw and Ilana Zucker-Scharff 
  • Wu Tsai Seminar: URee Chon and Michael Lingelbach 

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