Ph.D. Degree Requirements

  • A minimum of 135 units, with at least 90 units taken at Stanford. For additional information about minimum residency requirements for PhD students, please see the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Handbook, Section 3.2.
  • Complete all required courses with a grade of B or better
  • Pass the qualifying exam
  • A minimum of one first author publication on the topic of the dissertation
  • Pass the University Oral Exam (thesis defense)
  • Submit a written dissertation

Required Courses

Stanford Intensive Neuroscience (SIN) Boot Camp (NEPR 299 taken in Summer of the first year)

Neuroscience Core Modules (Each module is 2-3 weeks long; 2 or 3 modules are scheduled sequentially in Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarter)

  1. NEPR 202: Neurosciences Development Core
  2. NEPR 203: Neurosciences Systems Core
  3. NEPR 204: Neuroscience Molecular Core
  4. NEPR 205: Neurosciences Anatomy Core
  5. NEPR 207: Neurosciences Cognitive Core
  6. NEPR 208: Neuroscience Computational Core
  7. NEPR 213: Neurogenetics Core
  8. COMPMED201: Neurosciences Cellular Core (same as NEPR 201)

NEPR 280: Neuroscience Journal Club and Professional Development Series (9 quarters are required)

NEPR 212: Responsible Conduct of Neuroscience Research

NBIO 228: MathTools for Neuroscience

Statistics: All students must take a graduate level statistics course.  

Advanced Coursework: Students must complete a minimum of three (3) upper-level courses that may be selected based on the interests and needs of the student. These courses must be pre-approved by the Program Director.