Stanford Splash

A Neuroscience PhD student enlightening teens about neuroanatomy.

Last weekend¹s rainy weather was not enough to stop the dedicated neurosciences PhD students and postdocs from teaching at the spring 2016 edition of Stanford Splash. Offered twice a year, Stanford Splash is a weekend program that draws over 2,000 middle and high school students from around the greater Bay Area where they take classes taught by Stanford undergraduate and graduate students.

Year after year, in spirit of Splash¹s teaching extravaganza, the neurosciences program students have offered an interactive introductory neuroscience workshop for Splash students who are eager to learn about how their brains works.

For many of the 26 students taught this year, this was their first time handling human brain specimens. Through interactive demos on perception, the students were given a conceptual understanding of how the brain relays and processes information received from our environment. The enthusiasm and passion of the volunteering neurosciences PhD students was met with the unquenchable eager curiosity of the Splash students. As a current PhD student, it is invigorating and reassuring to know that these now middle and high school students are poised to become the neuroscience researchers of tomorrow.