New Neuroscience Curriculum

Lu Chen (pictured here) and John Huguenard led the drive update Neuroscience course offerings.

In Autumn 2015 the Neuroscience IDP will launch a new curriculum for incoming students. Planning and creation of this curriculum has taken approximately two years and involved the efforts of many of our faculty members. Lu Chen and John Huguenard have led the drive to update our efforts, particularly for first year students.

All incoming students will be taking nine modular courses, three each in Autumn, Winter, and Spring of the first year. Each modular course, led by an expert in the particular area, will consist of 15-20 hours of instruction over a period of one to three weeks.

Neuroscience Core Module Areas

The following new modules will be offered in 2015-2016:

Autumn 2015: Cellular (Shaul Hestrin), Development (Isabella Graef), and Systems (Jennifer Raymond and E.J. Chichilnisky)

Winter 2016: Molecular (Tom Sudhof), Genetics (Aaron Gitler), and Anatomy (Josef Parvizi)

Spring 2016: Cognitive (Russ Poldrack and Justin Gardner), Translational (Katrin Andreasson and Yanmin Yang), and Computational (Stephen Baccus)

The added value and added time is complemented by a reduction in the number of higher level course requirements.

The program is grateful to all who have participated in the process, especially those involved in creating these new courses. It has been time well spent and we look forward to seeing how it all comes together.