Neurosciences Program Retreat 2015

Twerking, fire breathing, and mind-blowing science are just a few of the components that make the Stanford Neurosciences Student Retreat the delight that it is! For two days, students and faculty come together in beautiful Monterey, California to hear the best and brightest neuroscientists speak about their research findings and their scientific journeys. The extensive speaker list is selected by the students themselves, consists of scientists from within and outside Stanford, and is always fantastic. This year, we were collectively captivated by the science of Mark Churchland (Columbia), Noelle L’etoile (UCSF), Kevin Eggan (Harvard), Ryan Watts (Denali), Lu Chen (Stanford), Jin-Hyung Lee (Stanford), and our own Niru Maheswaranathan (a graduate student in the lab of Stephen Baccus).

After the talks come the student skits. Each student cohort comes up with a skit and it is… an experience. Singing, poking fun at the ____–seq obsession, and even dancing to Beyonce in front of faculty has been known to occur. What can we say? Stanford Neuroscience students are a truly talented bunch.

In all seriousness though, the retreat is an amazing opportunity to learn, laugh, and bond with students and faculty alike. We hope to see you at the next one!