COVID-19 News and Updates

In light of the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, safety and well-being are our main priority. As we work through this challenging time, the Neuroscience program has worked extensively with our Student Program Committee, representatives from each cohort of students, and other student-led committees to provide support to our community. Here are some highlights of what we have implemented and we continue to help support our community, keeping safety and well-being our crucial importance.  


  • All course offerings, including core modules and journal clubs, have been made available remotely.

  • Rotation requirements and requirements to choose a thesis lab have been made flexible.

  • The program is working on tailoring rotations in anticipation of ongoing social distancing even in the Fall for incoming students.

  • The program has made MSTP curriculum updates.

  • The program is working with students to provide additional time towards the Doctoral Candidacy application completion.

  • Mindful of stress, the program has implemented new grading policies to include “CR/NC” and “S/NS” to count toward degree requirements.

  • The program is working on creative solutions for SIN Bootcamp to ensure our first years do not miss out on this core part of the first-year experience.

  • Additional remote offerings for Summer and Fall are also in the pipeline.

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