Spring 2022 Stanford Neurosciences IDP Student Retreat

Friday, June 3 - Sunday, June 5, 2022


Meetings at Stanford Hopkins Marine Station 120 Ocean View Blvd Pacific Grove, CA

Lodging at Borg's Ocean Front Motel, 635 Ocean View Blvd, Pacific Grove, CA


Registration opens for IDP Students and Faculty on Monday, May 2, 2022 

MUST Register by Wednesday, May 11, 2022 (11:59 pm)

Register using  this link:



Contact: Marrium Fatima or Ashley Del Rosario 


Erin Gibson Stanford University

The Gibson Lab studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms modulating glia. 

Manasi Iyer Stanford University

Manasi is a current Neurosciences Ph.D. student in Zuchero Lab studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie myelination. 

Sergey Stavisky UC Davis

The goal of the UC Davis Neuroprosthetics Lab is to develop technology to  restore abilities affected from neurological injury and disease.

Tina Kim UC Davis

The Kim Lab at UC Davis develops molecular and optical approaches to study the function and molecular organization of neurons in the brain.

Will Giardino Stanford University

The Giardino Lab studies neuropeptide molecules in extended amygdala circuits controlling stress, addiction, and sleep disturbances.

Yvette Fisher UC Berkeley

The Fisher lab studies spatial navigation in the fruit fly in order to understand how nervous systems flexibly process information.


Friday, June 3

  • 3:00 pm   Hotel Check-in Available
  • 7:00 pm   Dinner for Speakers and Hosts

Saturday, June 4

  • 8:30 am    Breakfast 
  • 9:00 am    Welcome by Retreat Reps Chung-ha Davis and Josh Head and Program Co-Directors Justin Gardner and Merritt Maduke
  • 9:15 am    Yvette Fisher- "Flexibility of visual input to the Drosophila compass network"
  • 10:15 am  Tina Kim- "Functional and molecular architecture of prefrontal circuits regulating reward-seeking"
  • 11:20 am   Speaker Panel
  • 12:00 pm   Group Photo and Lunch
  • 12:55 pm   Peer awards/ Student Community Building 1
  • 1:30 pm     Student Community Building 2
  • 2:15 pm     Will Giardino- "Extended Amygdala Neuropeptide Circuit Mechanisms of Emotional Arousal"
  • 3:15 pm     Erin Gibson
  • 4:45 pm     Break/Dinner Prep
  • 6:00 pm     Dinner 
  • 8:00 pm   Student entertainment

Sunday, June 5

9:30 am    Breakfast

10:00 am  Sergey Stavisky- "Intracortical brain-computer interfaces for basic discovery and restoring speech"

11:00 am  Manasi Iyer- "Oligodendrocyte calcium signaling is required for actin-dependent myelin distribution"

11:45 pm  Student Panel

12:30 pm  Closing Remarks and Lunch

2:30 pm    Gate loses to automobiles