Program Calendar

2018 Tackling Inequality in STEM with a Dive into the Data

Read about nine members of the 2016 Stanford Neurosciences PhD cohort that embarked on a journey to better understand the specific issues faced by women and other underrepresented minority groups in science, and to communicate these facts to our scientific colleagues in a compelling way.

2018 Life on the Flip Side: The Post-Defense Adventure

We interviewed three of the latest graduates of the Stanford Neurosciences Program to find out what the pre- and post-defense life has been like, how they made it happen, and what grand exploits they are planning to embark upon next.

2017 Meet the New Students

We were psyched to meet the 2017 first years, and had the pleasure of asking some of them a few fun interview questions! Bet you didn’t know that one of our first years was a professional poker player in a past life, that another founded a 3D printing startup company, and that another grew up in four countries (U.S., Canada, Chile, and Nicaragua)!

The goal of NeuWrite West is to create a forum in which scientists interested in writing and writers interested in science can come together to share and critique one another’s work, with a focus on writing about science for a general audience. Our goal is to develop our ability to engagingly convey complex ideas without sacrificing either scientific accuracy or successful communication. In particular, we would like to focus on effectively communicating not only scientific knowledge but also to convey the practice of science as a process of discovery.

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