FAQs for SNP REACH Website

  1. Is this program restricted to high school students? 

    1. Yes, this program is specifically designed for high schoolers.


  2. Can I apply as a rising 9th grader (currently in 8th grade)?

    1. Yes


  3. Is there a fee to participate in this program?

    1. The program is free.


  4. Do I need a recommendation letter to submit my application?

    1. Submitting a recommendation letter is optional.


  5. Are there any restrictions on who can provide a recommendation letter?

    1. No, anyone that you believe can speak to why you are a good fit for SNP REACH may subject a recommendation on your behalf.


  6. Do you accept international students?

    1. Yes. Please keep in mind that the program will take place from 9 AM - 3 PM in PST time via Zoom.


  7. Can I attend if I am neurodivergent?

    1. Yes!


  8. Do I have to attend all sessions of the program?

    1. Yes. Some exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, attendance during the two-week duration of the program is mandatory. 


  9. If I have technical problems with my online application, who should I contact?

    1. Please email snp-reach-oc@stanford.edu for support with any aspect of your application.


  10. What will I gain from this program?

    1. Resources, knowledge, and design-thinking skills to make your community more accommodating of neurodivergence 

    2. Access to the research presentations by Stanford faculty

    3. A community of other high school students interested in neurodiversity issues

    4. Support and mentorship from Stanford students and faculty as you create your own neurodiversity initiatives