Stanford Neurodiversity Project
Consortium on Autism Employment During and After the Pandemic (SNP-CAEDAP)

Goals & Objectives:

  1. To provide findings and recommendations for vocational training and employment opportunities for individuals with autism and related conditions.  These findings and recommendations should be:
    1.  Specific.
    2. Doable.
    3. Supported by funding and resources.
    4. Associated with specific timelines.
    5. Accompanied by specific outcome measures.
  2. All findings and recommendations shall be related to programs that are or can be implemented in California.
  3. All findings and recommendations shall have the potential to be:
    1. Replicable.
    2. Scalable.
    3. Sustainable
  4. Provide findings and recommendations that can result in benefits and added value to California’s businesses and overall economic recovery

Consortium Members:

Rajesh Anandan, Ultranauts

Mark Berger, Partnerships with Industry

Mike Bernick, Duane Morris

Phil Bonnet, Alta California Regional Center

Cindy Breed, 3R Behavioral Solutions

Peter DeHaas, San Francisco Bay Area Disability Business Alliance

Stefanny Dignum, Pomeroy Center

Barbara Firestone, The Help Group

Carlos Flores, San Diego Regional Center

Lawrence Fung, Stanford Neurodiversity Project (Chair of Consortium)

Mark Gavartin, Stanford Neurodiversity Project

Cathy Gott, Education Spectrum

Magnus Hedemark, Optum, a United HealthGroup Company

Tom Heinz, East Bay Innovations

Arun Karpur, Autism Speaks

Janet Lawson, Autistry Studios

Christy Matta, Stanford Neurodiversity Project

Doug Meeker, 3R Behavioral Solutions

Nicole Radziwill, Ultranauts

Oliva Raynor, The Tarjan Center

Steve Ruder, MIND Institute

Lou Vismara, AKT Investments

Vic Wursten, PRIDE Industries

Gregory Yates, AASCEND

Javier Zaldivar, San Andreas Regional Center