Day 2 Program and Speakers

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DAY 2 - Monday, October 2, 2023

Getting the Job / Recruiting the Talent

Moderators: Cole Hasserjian (Workday), Lawrence Fung, MD, PhD (Stanford)



1. Providing leaders with effective strategies to facilitate supportive environments for neurodiverse individuals to thrive in the workplace. 

2. Preparing people managers to work effectively with neurodiverse talent.

3. Provide Neurodiverse perspectives on strategies on how to best work with managers. 


Brent Hornig 

QA Lead


I am a Software Quality Assurance Lead at Aspiritech. I have always had an interest in computers, software , and development. I enjoy the challenge of working with early stage development software and leading a mostly nerodiverse team. It is rewarding to see products we work with make it to market and giving my team tools to succeed.

Geetanjali M

EVP Global Talent Acquisition & Fulfillment


Geetanjali is a highly accomplished and visionary talent leader with an exceptional track record of crafting and executing innovative solutions to meet present and future people demands. Her unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity drives her to leverage data analytics in understanding internal and external talent trends. Her forte lies in forging strong partnerships with Talent Management and People & Culture teams, enabling seamless execution of pivotal talent processes such as talent acquisition & management, employee engagement, performance management, talent review, and succession planning. As a strategic thought leader, Geetanjali has successfully defined, implemented, and steered organizational development and talent strategies. She is the driving force behind the establishment of a highly effective Total Talent Center of Excellence (CoE) that anticipates and fulfills future talent requirements through adeptly crafted trends, processes, and management initiatives. She is equally skilled in leading global talent attraction and retention endeavors, effectively communicating with business leaders and stakeholders, and nurturing and empowering her core team of recruitment professionals. Geetanjali prides herself on building diverse and exceptionally skilled talent acquisition teams, championing the cause of underrepresented and underserved groups. Her leadership has seen the successful implementation of various inclusion & diversity initiatives and external workforce programs to cater to current and future talent needs.

Maxwell M Huffman

Senior Quality Assurance Program Manager


Maxwell is the Senior Quality Assurance Program Manager for Aspiritech, a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to provide meaningful employment to Autistic and Neurodiverse individuals. Being on the Autism Spectrum himself, Maxwell brings a unique perspective to the conversation of Autism acceptance in the workplace




Fu Chen 

HR and Business Support Administrator 


Fu is the HR and Business Support Administrator at Rangam Consuultants Inc., a global consultancy providing traditional, disability, and neurodiversity staffing with a focus on helping employers' inclusive hiring practices. Fu was diagnosed with ADHD and autism as an adult. Awareness of his neurodivergence has empowered Fu with a greater sense of dignity and agency.