Exhibitor Information

What you can do as an Exhibitor at the Stanford Neurodiversity Summit:

  1. Exhibitors will have virtual booths to showcase their programs associated with neurodiversity-related work anytime after the booths are set up till about a month after the summit. Dedicated hours of exhibition for the summit attendees from Oct 23 to 25, 2022 are listed below.
    1. 1-2pm Pacific Time on Oct 23, 24, and 25
    2. 8:30-9:30pm Pacific Time on Oct 23 and 24
  2. Exhibitors will manage the contents (e.g., links, videos) of their virtual booths from the time of confirmed registration (by the steering committee) to the end of the summit.
  3. Exhibitors will have access of designated lounges to meet with attendees at pre-determined times (max capacity = 16).
  4. Sponsors at the Platinum and Gold levels have the opportunity to sponsor a dedicated informational session in the breakout room (max capacity = 200).

Exhibitors can use their designated lounges at the following times:

  • Oct 23: from 3 to 6pm
  • Oct 24: from 3 to 6pm
  • Oct 25: from 3 to 6pm

Here are the guidelines from Stanford regarding virtual exhibitions in the Stanford Neurodiversity Summit:

  1. Exhibitors are not allowed to use the Stanford logo.
  2. Exhibitors are not allowed to do pre-event promotional advertisement using the Stanford name.
  3. Exhibitors are not allowed to promote pharmaceutical products.
  4. Attendees should not be required to visit exhibitors.

The cost for becoming an exhibitor is $500 per booth. The deadline for exhibitor registration is Oct 7, 2022 (Friday).

To become an exhibitor at the summit, you can fill out the registration via this button: 

If you have any questions about the exhibition opporunities, please send us an email at