Program and Speakers

The Stanford Neurodiversity Summit: What We Stand For

The Stanford Neurodiversity Summit is a forum for exchange of ideas about neurodiversity among all people.  It is a venue where we listen to each other, especially when our views are not the same. This active listening is not just about respect, but an act to grow together as a community.

At this forum, we will share visions, innovations, and inspirations about how neurodiversity can make our society better. Here is where neurodiverse/neurodivergent people, their family members and friends, educators, clinicians, researchers, and all other stakeholders and professionals learn from each other. Neurodiverse individuals will share their unique life and professional journeys, and some will share their significant contributions to the community. Other professionals and stakeholders will illustrate how their work enhances the lives of neurodiverse individuals.

The Stanford Neurodiversity Summit encourages respectful inquiry and invites attendees to submit questions to speakers before and during the summit. We have set up interactive sessions between speakers and attendees and will collect views of the community about what research and community-based services should be prioritized and how they can be designed better. With your contributions, our collective efforts will build a sanctuary for all who promote and safeguard neurodiversity.

Our schedule features a wide variety of topics, perspectives, and formats. 

Topics address neurodiversity from K-12 education to employment. We know there's no one type of employment that's right for everyone, so our employment sessions cover a range of possibilities from the Paid Internship Program to large coorporations. 

Perspectives, approaches, and background of speakers are equally varied. Some presenters come from academia, while others are mental health providers. Of course our summit wouldn't be complete without including the lived- experience perspective of neurodiverse/neurodivergent individuals (some of whom are also academics, practitioners, etc.). 

Formats differ from session to session. Some sessions are traditional lecture-style presentations, while others are more panel-focused. As a virtual conference, the sessions will be recorded so people have the option to either watch live or on their own time.

Please access session details for each day by clicking the corresponding button below. Our confirmed speakers are included, along with a brief bio and photo.