Training Service Providers to Improve Employment Outcomes of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Part 1)

Are you interested in improving employment outcomes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)?

Are you an individual with I/DD, family member of a person with I/DD, a job coach, an employment specialist, a mental health provider, or an employer?

If the answers for the above questions are yes, you may be eligible to serve on a working group to steer the development of a specialized curriculum for training job coaches to work with people with I/DD. 

Working group members will be presented materials of an existing curriculum designed to train job coaches to work with people with I/DD.

They will be invited to review materials related to the curriculum, and make comments and suggestions to improve the curriculum. The length of the term of each working group member is about 18 months. Total number of meetings will be approximately 10 during the 18-month term.

Working group members will be compensated for their time serving in the working group.

If you are interested in becoming a working group member, please contact us at

Participant’s rights questions, contact 1-866-680-2906


California Department of Developmental Services