Nero: your secure workspace for team science

A new highly-secure, fully-integrated internal research data platform to enable cross-disciplinary collaboration, with capabilities to easily develop and share data models.


The Nero On-Prem service is no longer available. The SRCC team is working on a replacement high-risk on-prem service, called Carina, which is currently in Beta testing.  We anticipate that Carina On-Prem will be broadly available in early 2023.

Key benefits

Highly secure

Managed security

Meets minimum security standards for High Risk and PHI data

Updated and adapted to meet regulatory changes

Available and flexible

Available University-wide

On-premise HPC and Cloud-integration to support different workloads

24x7 access - work anywhere, any time

Supports projects of any scale

Built for Big Data analytics

Supports small and big teams

You can use a few CPUs or thousands


Easy to use 

Approachable framework for scientific computing

Managed software installation, patching and updates

Lets you focus on the science

Works with systems you already use

Jupyter, R, Python, SAS, Stata, Slurm and more

Integrated with University regulations like Data Risk Assessment

Integrated with Health care data sources like Research IT STARR and PHS Data Core

Tailor Nero to your needs

Accelerate your science with GPUs, large memory systems, Big Query, Kubernetes and more

Custom consulting available to support your projects

Submit requests for new capabilities