The Stanford Center for Narcolepsy is devoted exclusively to narcolepsy research and therapy. Philanthropic gifts for narcolepsy research are indispensable, helping us to accelerate the translation of medical discoveries into patient care. They allow us to expand investigations with the highest potential to introduce new knowledge, technologies, and strategies, explore new pathways of research, and launch innovative pilot studies.

We are nearing the final stage of our worldwide Genome-wide Association study of narcolepsy, planned to include 5000 cases gathered from the US (Caucasian and African American), Europe, Korea, China and Japan. We require additional funding to genotype the final narcolepsy samples. 

We have recently identified hypocretin (orexin) deficiency as the cause of most cases of human narcolepsy. The most likely cause is an autoimmune attack against the 70,000 or so hypocretin containing cells located in the brain. Our goal is now to understand this process and to find a way to prevent and reverse it. We are also studying the hypocretin system at the molecular and pharmacological level, with the goal of finding new treatments. These recent findings have led to a complete renewal of our research themes.

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