Do you have Narcolepsy? Interested in participating in a clinical trial?

Actively Recruiting:
for Narcolepsy 1

Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD

Purpose: To assess the safety and tolerability of TAK-994 following multiple oral doses in subjects with narcolepsy type 1.


  • 18-65 years old
  • Diagnosis of narcolepsy with cataplexy (type 1) confirmed by a PSG/MSLT within the last 10 years
  • Must be willing to discontinue all medications used for the treatment of narcolepsy
  • The HLA genotype should test positive for HLA-DQB1*06:02


  • Past PSG data demonstrating any of the following sleep disturbances: apnea Hypopnea Index ≥15 or apnea index ≥10, an oxygen saturation of <80 for >10 seconds, periodic leg movement arousal index of ≥15/h)
  • Bedtime later than 2400 (12:00 AM, midnight) or an occupation requiring nighttime shift work or variable shift work within the past 6 months or travel within more than 3 time zones

Time needed from participant: 

  • Screening window up to 45 days
  • 56 days of treatment

Coordinator Contact:

Polina Davidenko

(650) 721-7552 |