Research in Nakauchi Lab

Translation of our discoveries in basic research into practical medical applications

Dr. Hiromitsu Nakauchi  

In the Nakauchi Lab, we are working on uncovering new diseases, elucidating the causes of disease, and developing therapeutic modalities by connecting the knowledge and methodology of basic science including immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, and developmental engineering with clinical medicine.  Our ultimate goal is to contribute to establishing new frontiers of stem cell therapy and to make clinical applications of stem cells a reality.

Current work in the Nakauchi Lab includes;

1.    Elucidation of heterogeneity and hierarchy in hematopoietic stem cells

2.    Rejuvenation of antigen specific T cells for efficient immunotherapy

3.    Generation of organs from iPS cells by way of blastocyst complementation

With respect to education, we aim to establish an environment where individuals can make the utmost use of their interests, personalities and abilities in order to foster potential researchers, as a human resource, with a succession of creative studies in the field of bioscience.

*Research fellow (preferably self-funded) with research interests in stem cell biology, hematology, developmental biology and immunology fields are encouraged to contact us to further discuss specific projects available.

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