The Interview Process

Stanford MSTP conducts interviews monthly during the admissions season, usually October through February. We invite approximately 60 candidates for MSTP interview. If you are selected, you will be invited via email. MSTP and MD interviews are conducted separately on two consecutive days.

Your MSTP interview visit will include an introductory meeting with the Program Directors to talk about the structure and unique aspects of the Stanford program. You will have formal interviews with faculty and advanced MSTP students. You will meet again with the Program Directors to wrap up the visit and they will invite you to bring your questions and comments about the program and the admissions process.  

Appointments will also be arranged with Stanford faculty whose research interests represent those you plan to pursue during your graduate work and could be potential thesis mentors. You should use these informal meetings to learn about our faculty and potential research opportunities. You can familiarize yourself with faculty research interests through our Community Academic Profiles.

You will have lunch with current MSTP students on your interview day.  MSTP students also plan an informal dinner for you. This is an optional event that our students enjoy hosting as it provides a relaxed opportunity to meet you and answer questions about Stanford's MSTP.

Applications that are not selected for MSTP interviews are automatically routed to Medical School Admissions to be considered for the MD-only program. Decisions by the MD Admissions Committee are made independently from the MSTP decision.

For details on getting to Stanford and places to stay, please visit our Travel page.

Admissions Decisions

Decisions regarding your MSTP application will be made after the Medical School Admissions Committee has made a decision regarding your MD application.    The MSTP program offers 8-10 new positions each year. To facilitate your decision process, we encourage you to take advantage of your visit to the Stanford campus, advice from your mentors, and other resources, so that you have sufficient knowledge to decide if Stanford's MSTP is a good match for your interests and goals. Your ability to rank your choices for programs will greatly facilitate the entire admissions process both at Stanford and other programs across the country.

Second Look

Admitted students will be invited to attend the Stanford Medical School Second Look.  The MSTP specific revisit events will be on Thursday, before the MD events begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on admissions and the program check the Frequently Asked Questions.