Musculoskeletal Imaging Faculty Research

Christopher Beaulieu, MD, PhD

- Technological developments in diagnostic imaging: Medical Informatics and Machine Learning; Computer graphics methods for evaluation of imaging data; Deep Learning methods for diagnosis in knee MRI
- Image annotation and processing for decision support with application to bone and liver tumors
- Creation of computer-based teaching materials
- Clinical projects in sports medicine imaging and interventional procedures

Novel imaging techniques to study peripheral nociception and inflammation with the goal of accurately identifying the location of pain generators.

Robert Boutin, MD

- Musculoskeletal MRI, including fast MRI techniques
- Opportunistic imaging, including opportunistic CT

Garry Gold, MD, MS

- Rapid MRI for Osteoarthritis
- Weight-bearing cartilage imaging with MRI
- MRI-based models of muscle. New MR imaging techniques such as rapid imaging, real-time imaging, and short echo time 
- Functional imaging approaches using PET-MRI

Feliks Kogan, PhD

- Development and clinical translation of novel quantitative and molecularly specific imaging technologies
- Novel PET and MRI imaging methods to study early tissue changes at the cellular and molecular level
- Functional imaging methods to study relationships between mechanics, physiology, and tissue microstructure 
- Rapid, comprehensive and quantitative MRI methods for early, low-cost, and precise detection of musculoskeletal disease

Amelie Lutz, MD

- Molecular imaging of inflammation
- Molecular imaging for cancer early detection Kinematic MRI 3D
- MRI of the spine MR Neurography

Geoffrey M. Riley, MD

- Femoroacetabular impingement MRI
- Hip MRI
- Imaging of athletic injuries
- Imaging of soft tissue and bone tumors
- Innovative education methods including Interactive teaching.

Kathryn Stevens, MD

- Sports medicine:  imaging of sports injuries in athletes and ultrasound-guided therapy
- Clinical application of new MRI sequences
- Metal suppression MRI around orthopedic implants
- Imaging and guided-therapy in rheumatology

Marc Willis, DO, MMM

- Education innovation
- Value creation
- Health systems science

Luke Yoon, MD

- Pain imaging
- Physician Wellness 
- New Bosniak Classification for cystic renal lesions on MRI and CT