Musculoskeletal Imaging Faculty Research

Christopher Beaulieu, MD, PhD

- Technological developments in diagnostic imaging: Medical Informatics and Machine Learning; Computer graphics methods for evaluation of imaging data; Deep Learning methods for diagnosis in knee MRI
- Image annotation and processing for decision support with application to bone and liver tumors
- Creation of computer-based teaching materials
- Clinical projects in sports medicine imaging and interventional procedures

Robert Boutin, MD

- Musculoskeletal MRI, including fast MRI techniques
- Opportunistic imaging, including opportunistic CT

Garry Gold, MD, MS

- Rapid MRI for Osteoarthritis
- Weight-bearing cartilage imaging with MRI
- MRI-based models of muscle. New MR imaging techniques such as rapid imaging, real-time imaging, and short echo time 
- Functional imaging approaches using PET-MRI

Feliks Kogan, PhD

- Development and clinical translation of novel quantitative and molecularly specific imaging technologies
- Novel PET and MRI imaging methods to study early tissue changes at the cellular and molecular level
- Functional imaging methods to study relationships between mechanics, physiology, and tissue microstructure 
- Rapid, comprehensive and quantitative MRI methods for early, low-cost, and precise detection of musculoskeletal disease

Geoffrey M. Riley, MD

- Femoroacetabular impingement MRI
- Hip MRI
- Imaging of athletic injuries
- Imaging of soft tissue and bone tumors
- Innovative education methods including Interactive teaching.

Kathryn Stevens, MD

- Sports medicine:  imaging of sports injuries in athletes and ultrasound-guided therapy
- Clinical application of new MRI sequences
- Metal suppression MRI around orthopedic implants
- Imaging and guided-therapy in rheumatology

Marc Willis, DO, MMM

- Education innovation
- Value creation
- Health systems science

Luke Yoon, MD

- Pain imaging
- Physician Wellness 
- New Bosniak Classification for cystic renal lesions on MRI and CT