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Early Tau accumulation is detected within the medial temporal lobe using Tau PET imaging. 

November 2020: Gabriel Kenndy wins a best abstract award in the category of Translational Research for his presentation "Genetic determinants of sleep are associated with β-amyloid burden" at the Aging and Sleep 2020 Scientific Meeting.

February 2020: Ali Trelle and Tyler Toueg's work on Stanford Aging & Memory Study is highlighted in an ALZFORUM article titled "Can PET Match Up Areas of Protein Deposit With Alzheimer’s Symptoms?"

January 2020: Tyler Toueg and Dr. Ali Trelle present at Human Amyloid Imaging 2020.

August 2019: Dr. Kacie Deters presents her work on APOE and cognitive decline across race at the Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM) in San Jose.

August 2019: In collaboration with Thomas Yeo we publish findings that relate heterogeneity in atrophy patterns to domain specific cognitive profiles and patterns of Tau deposition in Alzheimer’s disease.

July 2019: We presented two posters at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference this year!  Dr. Mary Ellen Koran presented “Concordance between 18F-PI-2620 tau PET/MRI Imaging and Clinical Outcomes in Alzheimer Disease and Other Tauopathies”, and Lucy Zhang presented “High vascular risk is associated with memory decline in APOE4 carriers with high African ancestry.”

July 2019:  Drs. Kacie Deters receives a pilot grant award from the Stanford Aging and Ethnogeriatrics (SAGE) Research Center, titled “APOE, Neuropathology, and Cognitive Decline in Blacks.

March 2019: Drs. Ali Trelle and Beth Mormino chair and present a symposium at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual conference in San Francisco, titled ‘Individual differences in age-related episodic memory decline: mechanisms, challenges, and opportunities.”

March 2019: International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Science. March 8 marks International Women's Day, a global initiative dedicated to celebrating women's achievements, while calling for a more gender-balanced world. We spoke with scientists Drs. Kacie Deters and Elizabeth (Beth) Mormino about their work and perspectives on being leaders in the research field.

January 2019: Elizabeth Mormino awarded the 2019 HAI CLARK AWARD. This award is named in honor of Christopher Clark, MD, a neurologist and Alzheimer’s disease researcher who passed away in January 2012. Chris was an inspiration to the Alzheimer’s field and this award honors his memory by supporting the continuing advancement of the field.

November 2018: The Mormino lab hosts investigators from UC Berkeley for the inaugural ‘Memory and AD Biomarker in Aging’ group discussion.

September 2018: Dr. Kacie Deters awarded Best Poster at the conference for Aetiology and Prevention in Musculoskeletal and Neurodegenerative Diseases in Trelleborg, Sweden.

July 2018: Kacie Deters, postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Beth Mormino's lab, was awarded the 2018 Alzheimer's Association Fellowship to orally present her paper "Diminished effect of APOE4 on memory decline in individuals with high African ancestry" at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Chicago, IL.

May 2018: Dr. Kacie Deters receives a research fellowship from the Alzheimer’s Association to examine the association between genetic risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive aging in African Americans.  This will be our lab’s first collaboration with Dr. Lisa Barnes at Rush University.

April 2018: Dr. Beth Mormino receives her first research grant (R21) from the NIH to relate medial temporal lobe Tau to high resolution measures of structure and function in human aging.

March 2018:  In collaboration with investigators at MGH, we show that polygenic risk of Alzheimer’s disease can be combined with Amyloid PET to predict future cognitive decline.

October 2017: We have received internal funds from the new Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics (PHIND) Center at Stanford to start a longitudinal imaging-CSF study of aging at Stanford.  This is collaboration across Psychology (Wagner), Neurology (Mormino, Fredericks), and Radiology (Rutt, Chin, McNab).

September 2017: In collaboration with Dr. Anthony Wagner in the Department of Psychology at Stanford, we received pilot funding from Stanford Neurosciences Institute to explore a new second generation Tau PET ligand in normal aging.

August 2017: Drs. Beth Mormino and Yen Lim (from University of Melbourne) show early evidence of Amyloid accumulation in APOE4+ individuals without dementia.

July 2017: Sex-specific risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease are important factors to consider when predicting future risk and treatment strategies that may prevent the disease altogether, Dr. Beth Mormino, assistant professor neurology, writes in this post.

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